Cannexol Aqua 2.5% CBD, water-based solution

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Our Cannexol Aqua 2.5% is GMP certified, completely THC-free and a popular alternative to the natural full spectrum Cannexol hemp seed oils. The difference between the oils and the water-based Cannexol is the product formulation. Hempseed oil based products that are enriched with CBD extract usually contain a minor, legal THC residue. Cannexol Aqua 2.5% CBD is a water-based product with pure CBD isolate and it is a milk-colored liquid. Besides H2O Cannexol Aqua 2.5% CBD contains pure, high-quality cannabidiol isolate and hemp terpenes. Our Cannexol Aqua 2.5% CBD contains • purified water • pure, high-quality CBD isolate from hand-picked EU manufacturers • hemp terpenes Bottling & packaging in Austria. Cannexol Aqua 2.5% CBD is ARGE-CANNA certified. ARGE-CANNA is the first independent quality seal for CBD products. Content: 10ml THC: 0,0%
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